Mushroom Farm Defender

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Tower Defense Game
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Mushroom Farm Defender is childish tower defense game created for Free Online Games. It is a simple game, with nice childish graphics.

In Mushroom Farm Defender you must stop attacking enemies, with help of mushrooms. You can stop them using these mushroom towers:

  • Gomphus is basic tower with low damage and good speed. You can add 1 element to this tower.
  • Cantharellus is an average tower. You can add 2 elements to this tower.
  • Lentinellus has very good damage. You can add all 3 elements to this tower.
  • Neolentinus is the best tower in the game. It has only 1 slot for element, but excellent damage.

You can upgrade all towers 3 times. You can also improve their features with help of elements. It is possible to buy from 3 elements: Fire, Water and Thunder. Every element is good against specific type of enemy. Game has very good game engine and nice graphics with a little bit annoying background music. At start of game you can choose from 3 maps and 3 difficulties. Yoy can move on the map with help of WASD keys, or with help of mouse. Game is easy and in higher levels is a little bit boring.

Mushroom Farm Defender is nice tower defense game. I can recommend this game for beginners. It has nice graphics and average plyability.

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