Minifig Zombie TD

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Terry Paton

Minifig Zombie Tower Defence is the game from Terry Paton with unique idea. You must protect your home from attacking zombies.

Minifig Zombie TD is very nice designed game. Graphics is inspired by LEGO creatures with 3D top view. To protect your home from zombies, you can buy from these weapons:

  • SM Missile is the cheapest weapon with low range, rate and damage.
  • SM Tesla is yellow wave generator with average range and damage.
  • LG Tesla is improved SM Tesla generator with better damage and range.
  • Slow slows enemies.
  • SM Drain is light version of red waves generator with average damage and low range.
  • LG Drain is improved SM Drain generator with better damage and range.
  • Rapid Fire is weapon with very good fire rate and average damage and range.
  • Ranger is weapon with excellent range.

Some weapons are locked and they are available only in higher levels. There is no possibility for manual update, all weapons are updated after gaining experience. You can also sell your weapons. To see weapon status you must click on existing weapon. Sometimes you must clear place for weapon weapon using money.
You can see remaining life of zombies while is your mouse pointer over enemy. There are more types of zombies in the game. You can earn money from every killed zombie and from interests.
The game has 9 levels, resp. maps, and higher levels are unlocked after finishing previous levels. You can move actual view on the map wile you are moving your map. After pressing space moving of map will stop.
Game engine is an excellent. All controls are clear and it has very nice graphics and sound effects. Also game itself is a little bit easy, but very playable.

Minifig Zombie TD is really nice tower defense game with unique zombie topic. It has good playability and very nice graphics. I can only recommend this game for everyone.

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