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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Point Zero

Metalix is new tower defense game developed by PointZero company. It is game with excellent 3D graphics and new idea: Changing path for each wave and possibility to move towers.

With this possibility has this game new strategy feature, but it is still good old tower defense game. First of all you will be surprised with very nice graphics and nice sound effects. Game looks more like Shockwave game, where is better support for 3D. But it is Flash game and authors used all possibilities of this tool. Main target of game is protecting your power source from mechanical animals. You can use only 3 types of towers:

  • Cannon Tower is the cheapest tower.
  • Laser Tower has more damage.
  • Fire Tower slows enemies.

But all towers have excellent upgrade support. You can upgrade their power for more damage, range, quantity to improve frequency of shots, and movement for increasing speed while moving on other place. All features can be upgraded 5 times. As I wrote before path for enemies changes in each level. That means that you must move you existing towers to new positions, when new level starts. It is important strategy factor for this game. Before sending wave you select new place for towers. But towers start to move only when you allow enemies to go. You must be careful, where you move your towers, because they can be destroyed, when they are crossing path with enemies. When is your tower damaged, it can be recovered. Possibility to move is also good during game. You can move towers on new positions and you can make more damage to enemies they are out of range. Game is very addictive, and it looks easy from start, but soon it changed to difficult one. I love this new feature, when you must create plan of next moves for towers from start of wave, and also during wave.

Metalix is excellent tower defense game. Big plus of this game is new idea of changing paths in each level together with moving towers. Also upgrade system for towers is very good.

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