Master of Security

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Anton Fedoruk

Master of Security is new game tower defense game from Anton Fedoruk. This game is nice clone of Desktop TD game.

Main idea of game is protect your computer from viruses, trojans, spam and other malwares. It is not new idea for tower defense games. It was also used in VR Defender game. OK, let's go on review of this game. Game has a perfect graphics. Game engine is also OK, all controls are clever situated, tower defense player will find all on first attempt. At beginning you can choose from 4 difficulties. Enemies are going from up and you must protect applications on bottom of your desktop. You can protect your computer with these tools:

  • AntiAdware destroys unwanted and malicious programs. It is the cheapest tool. It can damage all enemies.
  • AntiSpyware destroys adware and spyware programs. It is stronger than AntiAdware. It can damage all enemies, except viruses.
  • Garbage Cleaner slows enemies. Damages all types of malware.
  • AntiVirus destroys only viruses with excellent rate.
  • Firewall is the strongest tool against all enemies, except viruses.

All tools can be upgraded more times. They can also be repaired after Hijackers attacks. Strategy for game is clear. You must build maze to make longer way for enemies. On this way attack enemies with all available tools. Be careful on viruses, they are able to go over your tools. To attack them you must build some AntiVirus boxes on their straight way down. Types of incoming enemies you can check on bottom slider. You can gain more info about enemies when you go over enemy in this slider. There is no problem to win in easy mode.

Master of Security is well designed tower defense game. Idea game and game engine is similar to another games, but game has a very good playability.

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