Massive Space

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Tower Defense Game
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Massive Space is standard tower defense game from Kajika. It is unique with massive number of enemies in each wave.

Massive Space is nice tower defense game. Protect your planet from hundred and thousand of creeps by building turrets. You can choose from 4 game modes. Normal mode, Survival mode are well known modes from other games. In No updates mode you can't update your weapons, only build new one. In Cheat mode you have big amount of money, but you start from wave 10.

There are 4 basic turrets in the game:

  • Gun Turret is basic weapon.
  • Froozer can slow enemies.
  • Rapid Turret is very fast weapon.
  • Beam Turret is the best weapon in the game. It can burn enemies with beam.

Every tower you can upgrade 5 times. You can also sell them.

Game engine is very good designed. You can control your game with help of keys B - build turrets, U - upgrade selected tower, S - sell selected tower or Space for next wave. Or you can use quick bar at bottom of game. The game has good graphics and average sound effects.

Playability of the game is very good. You must protect your planet from thousands of creeps in each wave, and sometimes it is very difficult.

Massive Space is good tower defense game with thousands of enemies and good playability.

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