Madness Combat Defense

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Josh and Jim Larsen

Madness Combat Defense is tower defense game in style of Madness Combat fighting games. Creators Josh and Jim Larsen use background from these well known games and create nice tower defense game.

Madness Combat Defense is good game. At beginning you choose difficulty level. You can choose from 4 levels. After choosing one you can play. Main target is to build good defense strategy to kill all enemies, before they reach right side of map. You can choose from these weapons in the game:

  • Scout Turret is basic weapon with low damage but very cheap.
  • Mighty Tower is basic weapon with area effect.
  • Mounted Artillery is an average weapon.
  • Multi-Zapper can attack more enemies at once.
  • Teleport PAD has possibility to return enemy at beginning of the map.
  • Coin Bank gives extra money for all killed enemies by towers in range.
  • Static Placement slows and damages enemies going over it.
  • War Cannon is the best weapon in the game.

All towers can be upgraded more times. After playing this game longer time I found out, that the best strategy for this game is a maze strategy. With this strategy is game very easy, because you only need to create the longest way for enemies from basic weapon and upgrade them to max. Then you can replace basic Scout Turrets with War Cannons.

Madness Combat Defense has average game engine. All controls in the game are clear. Game has good playability, but it is very easy after playing game longer time.

Madness Combat Defense is an average tower defense game with madness combat background. I recommend this game, especially to TD beginner players.

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