Lord of War

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Tower Defense Game
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Lord of War is tower defense game mixed with World of Warcraft theme from catad83.

Lord of War is good tower defense game. It has a good atmosphere. You can buy these towers in the game:

  • Santinel Tower is a basic tower in the game for the first levels.
  • Cannon Tower has better damage and it is suitable for basic levels.
  • Fire Tower is tower suitable for medium levels.
  • Crystal Outpost throws crystals on enemies. It has a good damage suitable for medium levels.
  • Elf Tower shots poison arrows on enemies. It has a good damage and it is strong enough for last levels.
  • Wizard Lair is the best tower in the game with an excellent damage.

For all towers you can upgrade 3 basic features: Damage, Range and Speed. In higher levels enemies attack on your towers. Damaged towers can be repaired by buying more HP. Towers can also be sold.

The game has a standard game engine. The game has also good graphics and nice system of upgrades. To play successfully this game, it is necessary to buy suitable towers for levels. That means, there is no possibility to win this game only Cannon towers for example. It is good to replace old towers, with better ones. In the game are levels with attacking enemies. Be careful, and repair your towers, before they are destroyed. In each 10th wave there is a boss attack.

Lord of War is average tower defense game. You will spend funny time with this game.

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