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Tower Defense Game
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Lockdown Tower Defense is tower defense game from Chalit. At first look it looks like bad game, but after longer playing I must say, that it is not bad game.

Target of Lockdown Tower Defense Game is standard target of the most of tower defense games. Protect civilian zone from enemies with help of soldiers. You can choose from these soldiers:

  • Facility Guard is the cheapest one, with low damage, and average speed.
  • Quick Response Trooper has average damage, but it is very fast.
  • Fire Trooper has good splash damage, but low speed.
  • Anti Armor Soldier has average explosive damage and low speed.
  • Security Sentinel has average damage and speed.
  • Heavy Ordnance Sentry has good splash damage and average speed.

Game has no possibility to upgrade them, you can only sold them. The unique feature of this game is possibility to move soldiers on new positions with help of airlift. You can work with your units with help of keyboard keys. When you buy new unit, you have to press number of unit and with help of mouse you can move unit on place. After selecting unit with mouse, you can move your unit on new place while you are pressing A key. When you press S key, you will sell selected unit. Game looks from beginning very strange, but later it has a good playability. Game has a simple graphics and sounds. I can recommend this game especially for beginners.

Lockdown Tower Defense is average game. It have possibility to move your soldiers with help of airlift.

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