LIG Tower Defense

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Little Indie Games

LIG Tower Defense is simple tower defense game from Little Indie Games. The game is still in progress.

LIG Tower Defense is standard tower defense game. You must protect your battlefield. You can do it with help of these weapons:

  • Titan 1 is basic weapon suitable against ground enemies.
  • Python 5 is weapon with very good range, suitable against ground enemies.
  • Laser Tower is strong weapon, with low range suitable against ground enemies.
  • Anticraft Machine Gun is only one weapon against air enemies.
  • Tomahawk Tower is very good weapon suitable against ground enemies.
  • Rocket Tower is the best weapon in the game suitable against ground enemies.

Weapons can be upgraded 4 times or sold.

The game is still in progress and has a lot of mistakes. The game engine needs a lot of work to be good. LIG has simple sounds and average graphics. It is very important to choose right positions for weapons. Game has variable difficulty, sometimes is so difficult, and sometimes is very easy. Especially air attacks are very difficult. There is big problem in higher levels to resist them. On other side, sometimes you will earn enormous money, and you can build and upgrade a lot of new weapons.

LIG Tower Defense is poor tower defense game in progress.

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