Laser Defense

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Nick Martucci

Laser Defense is attempt to create tower defense game with big variety of weapons. But Nick Martucci has to do more work on this game.

In game exists 9 various laser towers. Each of them has specific features. Enemies are going in waves and in each wave are other types of enemies. There are 7 different types of enemies. Normal, Fast and Weak, Slow and Strong, Regen Enemies, Exploding Enemies, Warp Enemies, and Super Enemies. After each 10 waves, enemies type repeats but with more HP. Regen enemies slowly regenerate lost HP. They have less than Normal enemies but more than Fast enemies. The Exploding enemies explode after they are killed damaging nearby enemies. They have more HP than Normal enemies and less HP than Slow enemies. Warp enemies move 1 space at a time and disappear for a short time in-between. They have the same HP as normal enemies and cannot be targeted while invisible. However they can still be slowed down. Super Enemies are fast, strong, warping, regenerating enemies that are immune to the disruptor wave.
Towers can be upgraded. The rotating colors in the middle of each purchased tower will indicate how upgraded each towers is. The thicker the line the more the power has been upgraded. The faster it spins the more upgraded the speed is. Click on the tower to see how upgraded its range is.
Now something about quality of game. Game looks very difficult. But only to time, when you choose RailGun towers. If you start to use only this type of towers, you don't need to think what to do in next levels. Only buy new RailGun towers or update existing, and you can continue to level 60. Strategy for this game lost its meaning. Game has problem with more Scissors towers, and rapidly slow down.

Laser Defense can be good tower defense game, and I hope that in new version of this game, all mistake will be corrected.

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