Keep the Keep

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Tower Defense Game
Game Developer:

Keep the Keep is new tower defense game. You must place on empty map your keep and defend it. You can place walls, soldiers, and towers. Creator from developed nice tower defense game.

Enemies are going from everywhere, and you must kill them before they reach your keep. Idea is similar to Turret Wars game from previous post. Fortunately you have enough money on start (only in easy mode), and you must carefully prepare your strategy. Otherwise you will finish soon. Game has 3 difficulties. From 3 possibilities how to defend your keep soldiers are not usable for this game. The best strategy is create maze from walls, combined with towers. My opinion is that this new game still in development has very good future. After correcting small bugs, and after adding some new towers this game will be one from most played online tower defense games.

Keep the Keep is unfortunately disabled, because author web page is expired.

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