Jungle Hunting

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Free Games Jungle

Jungle Hunting is tower defense game from Free Games Jungle. Very nice designed game, with strategy features.

Main objective of game is protect your village from wild animals. To do that, you can buy warriors or towers, to kill them, before they reach village. You can build or buy next towers and warriors:

  • Axe Warrior light warrior who attacks only ground animals with axe.
  • Tube Warrior light warrior who attacks ground and air animals with tube.
  • Poison Tube Warrior slowly damage ground and air animals with poison.
  • Icy Indian slows ground and air animals.
  • Spear Warrior average warrior who attacks only air animals.
  • Shaman Miner average warrior who attacks only ground animals.
  • Splash Tower attacks only ground animals with splash damage.
  • Strong Air Tower attacks only air animals with average damage.
  • Multi Tower attacks only air and ground animals with poison, freeze and splash damage.

All towers and warriors can be upgraded and sold.
To this point it is standard tower defense game. But you can also buy some strategy buildings and researchers:

  • Wise Indian is protector, who can find places where it is good to mine resources.
  • Granary gives you more food for your warriors.
  • Oil Tower produces oil, that is changed to extra money.

Strategy for this game is to find places where it is possible to mine some resources. On places without resources you can build towers or place warriors. It is necessary to upgrade them, as soon as possible. Later you can also clear places from stones and plants. Better towers and warriors you can buy only after researching them. Jungle Hunting has very good graphics, and sound effects. Game engine is also designed very well. You can move your map with arrow keys to right or left. Playability of this game is very good. Game has average difficulty, and you won't be bored during this game. Creator of this game made nice work.

Jungle Hunting is very good tower defense game. I love system of mining resources in this game. I can only recommend this game to everybody.

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