Jexica Turret Defense

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Tower Defense Game
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Jexica Turret Defense is simple tower defense game from It is very poor attempt to make tower defense game.

Jexica Turret Defense has very bad designed game engine. Game is working in some modes and you must switch between them. You can be in mode of building turrets. There you can choose from 3 turrets:

  • Basic Turret is turret with average range and damage.
  • Longrange Turret is suitable for bigger areas.
  • Closerange Turret has good damage but low range.

You can be also in upgrade mode. There you can upgrade basic features of towers like damage, range and speed. Or you can add new element to tower as Fire, Ice and Electricity. Here is also mistake in the game. If you add element to turrets, they lost their range upgrades. There is also selling turrets mode.
To play this game is only lost of time. Graphics is very simple. The game has no sound effects. Also playability of the game is very poor. Switching between modes is the worst idea of this game.

Jexica Turret Defense is very poor tower defense game.

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