Jexica 3

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Tower Defense Game
Game Developer:

Jexica 3 is a simple tower defense game. as creator of this game created good game.

Jexica 3 is a standard tower defense game. Simple but good. Without excellent graphics or sounds. At begin you can choose from 3 maps with various difficulty levels. You can use from 5 towers one from them is locked, and code you will gain only after finishing all 50 levels.

  • Cannon is cheap and good for ground enemies.
  • Ray Gun, is a good weapon for both units and has area effect.
  • Missile Launcher is good for air units.
  • Ice Turret can slow enemies and it is good for both units.
  • Machine Gun is suitable for both units and it is very fast.

Towers can be upgraded more times. Or they can be sold. Game is third version of games Simple Tower Defense and Simple Tower Defense 2. Playability of this game is good. It looks easy from beginning, but later it is so difficult. You must finish 50 levels to win this game.

Jexica 3 is good tower defense game with good playability.

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