Industrial Tower Defence 2

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Tower Defense Game

Industrial Tower Defence 2 is new version of simple tower defense game from unknown author. You must protect your factories in more modes and maps.

Industrial Tower Defence 2 has maps with more crossed ways. Your main target in the game is to protect your factories, earning you money, against ways of incoming enemies. To do this, you must create good defense to protect them. You can do it with help of these weapons:

  • Rifle is basic weapon with good rate.
  • Arrow is weapon with good range.
  • Snipper has an excellent range.
  • Frost can slow enemies with froze.
  • Inferno is slow weapon with good damage.
  • Lightning has good damage and speed.
  • Laser has good damage and average speed and range.
  • Rocket has the best damage in the game but it is very slow.

Weapons you can upgrade together with buying and upgrading of new factories. You can earn money from killing enemies or from your factories.

The game has simple game engine, with simple graphics and sound effects. Industrial TD 2 has good playability, but it can turns from average difficulty to easy game in higher levels. But I want to say, that it's playability is much more better than in previous version. You can play it in more modes as Campaign, Survival or Endless mode. In the Endless mode I found mistake, when my money stayed on constant value and I was able to buy everything spending no money.

Industrial Tower Defence 2 is improved version of Industrial TD game. Especially playability of this game is much more better.

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