Hybra TD

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Tower Defense Game
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Hybra TD is simple tower defense game from shadowfiks. Hybra TD is standard tower defense game, without special features and good playability.

Game has standard game engine and features. You can buy next towers, to protect your village:

  • Arcane Tower is suitable for ground and air units, with average damage.
  • Water Tower is suitable for only for ground units, with better damage, but low range.
  • Spike Tower is suitable for air units, with good damage and rate.
  • Ice Tower is suitable only for ground units, and it can slow them.
  • Fire Tower is suitable for ground and air units, with good damage.
  • Poison Tower is suitable for ground and air units, with poison damage.

To buy better towers you must build Upgrade House. From it it is possible to research better towers. Game has 2 difficulties. Easy difficulty is very easy. I recommend to play hard level especially for advanced players. Game is very simple, but game engine is designed well and game has a good playability in hard mode.

Hybra TD is simple standard tower defense game. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't find any new features in this game. On other side, you can spend funny time, while playing this game.

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