Hunger Strike TD

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Tower Defense Game
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Wipe out the hunger pangs before they make it out from your belly to your brain! This is the main idea of game from online help for Hunger Strike TD game. Hunger Strike TD is funny tower defense game from KFC.

Hunger Strike TD is a standard tower defense game. It is not the best tower defense game, but it is funny and you can spend good time by playing this game. You must defend your brain from pangs enemies. There are six types of pangs in this game: Orangu Pangs, Ping Pangs, Wu Pang Clan, Pang Pangs, The Big Pang and the Skull. You must defend your brain with these KFC meal weapons.

  • KFC Beans with explosive power.
  • KFC Fries attacks pang eyes.
  • KFC Chicken cross road to beat pangs.
  • Pepsi slows enemies by freezing.
  • KFC Big Daddy Burger is the strongest weapon.

All weapons can be upgraded more times. Or they can be sold. You can also buy extra lives. Playability of this game is very good. Also graphics is nice, only background music is so strange. But it is possible to turn it off fortunately. Be careful some Pangs are imunne to some weapons.

Hunger Strike TD is very funny defense game.

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