Home Planet Defense

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Tower Defense Game
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Home Planet Defense is planet tower defense game from Neoformix It is programmed in Java.

In Home Planet Defense you must protect your planet from enemies. Main target is to survive as long as it is possible. You can buy new bases to protect your planet:

  • Minefield damages alien ships going through it. But it also damages itself. Damage can be absorbed by enemie's shields.
  • Projectile Gun is a base with low damage. Damage can be absorbed by enemie's shields.
  • Laser has average damage and it cannot be protect by shields.
  • Stunner has a low damage, but it stuns enemies.
  • Shield extends defense shield for existing bases. It doesn't attacks on enemies.
  • Zone Gun has splash damage.

If you want to add new base, select a base from the set on the left and click in the space to add it. The mouse pointer will show red if you can't build the base in that location.

You must have enough resources to build the base. Resources are obtained by destroying enemy ships. Enemy ships attack on bases, and they can be also destroyed.

Updates improve strength of bases and also their damage. They can be upgraded more times. Select an existing base and click on the upgrade button to improve the features of the base. The 'u' key can be used to upgrade the currently selected base. While adding new base, you can use right mouse button, or Space to add base at the highest level you can currently afford.

Playability of the game is not bad, but game is very difficult. You will probably lost a lot of your bases. I don't know, if you can win in this game. To survive in this game longer time is almost impossible. The game has poor graphics and average sound effects.

Home Planet Defense is an average tower defense game. It is very difficult and probably it doesn't have end.

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