Hold the Holy Pig

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Tower Defense Game
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Defender - Hold the Holy Pig is a tower defense game that reminds me strategy game S.W.I.N.E. You must defend yourself against a pig general with army of monsters. TheBestArcadeGames create good simply tower defense game.

What to say about this game. There is no difference between this game and a lot of others tower defense games. Standard graphics for flash games, basic sounds move this game from top somewhere in middle. What is good in this game is good balanced difficulty of attack waves. Game is easier than most of others, but you must good think what to do in each level. Only at last levels, after buying and upgrading ultimate tower is clear your winning. You have 6 weapons (resp. towers). Each tower can be upgraded five times. And each tower is a little bit specific. Fire tower has a good damage with medium range and attacks both air and land units. Wind tower has less damage but with good range and can slow enemies. Also attacks both land and air units. Lightning tower has very good damage and good range, but attacks air units only. Ice tower has little damage with a short range and slow enemies. Earth tower has good damage with a small range, but attacks land units only. Last tower is ultimate tower with excellent damage and very large range. This is the strongest tower and after buying ultimate towers game lost its good playability from start. As I say above this game is simple, but with good playability, and I recommend game Defender - Hold the Holy Pig for beginners in this genre like a good class-book.

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