Helix Defense

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Tower Defense Game
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Helix Defense is tower defense game strange atmosphere. HelixFox.com as creator of this game make game with dark background graphics, and lights of turrets.

Helix Defense game is standard tower defense game. You must defend your reactor from enemies ships. You must build laser turrets around of enemies ships way. Building turrets costs energy. And energy you gain from reactor itself. Next energy you have from interests from conserved energy from previous waves. And at last you can build additional generators. You can built 7 types of turrets:

  • Laser turret is cheap and has a good range.
  • Slowing turret, very important turet, attacks and also slows enemies.
  • Sniper turret is very powerful, has a good range but is very slow.
  • EMP turret can damage more enemies in range.
  • Chain turret can also damage more enemies with electricity.
  • Damage/Time turret after hitting enemy is damage of enemy continuing in time.
  • Nano turret is very fas turret.

Turrets can be also upgraded many times and destroyed. Playability of this game is not bad, difficulties for levels are good adjusted.

Helix Defense is average tower defense game. I don't like graphics engine, because it take me some time to find all necessary controls there. But when I played this game longer time, it was much better. I recommend you to spend some time with this game, maybe that you will like it. Or maybe not.

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