Grid Defence

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Craig Hart

Grid Defence game is very unusual tower defense game. Creator of this game Craig Hart creates game where is important to build towers at the right positions on grid.

Game Grid Defence has primary target: Kill enemies before they capture a row on a grid. You can do it with help of towers. You can build these towers:

  • Push Tower doesn't fire on enemies. But it is cheap and it is very usable to push enemies into prepared way.
  • Rapid Tower has fast rate and low damage.
  • Chain Tower is good tower with splash damage.
  • Slower Tower slows enemies.

Towers has possibility to upgrade standard and specific features of them. It helps to make good balanced defense. You must fight with various types of enemies. You can earn money from killing enemies and also from interests after each 25 enemies. Graphics of this game is a little bit strange and simple. Sound effects are very poor. Also game engine is not very standard. But after short playing there is not problem to use it. This game looks a little bit strange. After longer playing, you will like it. You need to find a good strategy for this game.

Grid Defence is interesting a board like tactical game. I can recommend this game for all tower defense game players.

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