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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Kenji Sihan

Grid Tower Defence is simple tower defense game from Kenji Sihan. You fight with enemies on grid field, where you must place your towers.

Grid Tower Defence is standard maze tower defense game. All defense towers can be built on the grid. The grid has some tiles colored some with circle symbols in them. These grids give towers some bonuses or penalties. Colored without circles give tower bonus, and with circle gives tower penalty. There are also combined tiles that gives you some advance and penalty too. You can build these towers in game:

  • Basic Tower is the cheapest one, with low damage, average range and good rate.
  • Fire Tower has average damage, average range and good rate.
  • Water Tower has low damage, average range and good rate.
  • Air Tower has average damage, good range and good rate
  • Earth Tower has good damage, good range and slow rate

As I wrote above, you need to create maze to make longer way for enemies. Problem is that in game is a lot of air attacks, and they ignore your ways and go straight to base. Type of waves you can see on slider on bottom. Due to many of air attacks you must combine standard strategy, with maze strategy. Game has a simple graphics, and poor sound effects. But game is playability of game is good. It is not boring, and game is difficult enough.

Grid Tower Defence game is simple, but good game, where you must combine maze and standard strategy. I can only recommend you to play this game.

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