Gem Tower Defense

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Peter Holko

Gem Tower Defense is really good tower defense game. You can build towers from gems, and you have in each turn possibility to choose one from 5 types of gems. Creator Peter Holko give to tower defense games new original idea and made excellent job.

At start of this game you have possibility to choose from 5 difficulties. For most of us Easy one is a good choice. Idea of game is next:
You bring on ground 5 gems. One from gem can be translated to defense tower and rest change to rocks, that can be used as walls. Tower parameters are inherited from type of gem. We can also do multiple updates for improving quality of gems. Better gems can be transformed to stronger towers. If are some gems the same in one turn, they can be combined to better tower. Some gems can be also combined in special way, to create best towers. Special towers can be also upgraded once. On map there are 6 points that enemies must cross. Otherwise you can create maze to lengthen way for enemies. Game is very addictive, especially after better understanding system of game. On page for game you can find all necessary info. I want to recommend this game for every clever player.

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