GemCraft Chapter 1: The Forgotten

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Tower Defense Game
Game Developer:

Basic idea of GemCraft 1 game is taken from Gem Tower Defense. Creator of this game creates excellent tower defense game and improved idea of gem combination in this game.

GemCraft has much more levels than Gem Tower Defense game. After finishing one map you can choose next map. Each map has its own gem set. You can combine them together and create stronger gems. Gems you can put on defense towers. or you can use it as bombs to enemies. In game you can :

  • Build Defense Tower together with gems they attack enemies.
  • Use Gem Bomb you can attack enemies straight with gems.
  • Mana Pool increases mana on 120% of previous mana state.
  • Build Water Trench to slow enemies.
  • Create Gem, you can choose type of gem to create.
  • Combine Gems, create stronger gems with combining existing ones.

To use these possibilities you must have enough mana. Mana you gain from killing enemies. Basic idea of game is one type of defense tower, and you can upgrade this tower with gems. You can create new gems with combination of existing ones. When you put this gem on tower, you can attack enemies with this tower. After finishing map you earn skill points, and they can be used for buying some new or improve existing skills. The game has a very nice graphics and good sound effects. A game engine for game is good, but you must learn how to use it effectively. When you learn it, you will like it.

GemCraft 1 is complex tower defense with taken basic idea from older tower defense game, but very good designed, and with very good playability.

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