GemCraft Chapter 0: Gem of Eternity

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Tower Defense Game
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GemCraft Chapter Zero game is next version of GemCraft Tower Defense Game. Creator of this game created one of the best online tower defense games I have ever played.

GemCraft Chapter Zero is very addictive game. You must play many maps in many modes to win this game. And I am sure you will be happy to do that. I spent with this game many days to finish it. Fortunately the game has very good support for saving games. You can save game locally in spots, or you can also save game to the string code and use it it on another computer. This is a good system while you are playing this game on more computers.

Basic idea of the game is similar to GemCraft Tower Defense Game. You must protect your wizard building from enemies. To do this you must build towers and on these towers you can buy gems of various colors and level. Each color has some improved feature. These gems you can also combine to create gamy with more upgraded features and more power. Main target of the game is to gain Gem of Ethernity. This is hidden in the last map and you must use 7 gems of grade 7 to gain it.

GemCraft Chapter Zero Map as I said before the game has complex level system with many maps. You start at bottom of the maps screen and after finishing map in basic mode you can continue to the nearest maps above. The map is divided to 5 sections. To continue to the next section of the map you must finish last map in the Arcane Mode. Standard maps can be played in many modes:

  • Normal Mode you must kill all monsters in the game.
  • Sudden Death Mode you will lose game if some monster reach your wizard tower. Your wizard must to have level 8.
  • Endurance Mode you must survive as long as it is possible. Your wizard must to have level 16.
  • Heroic Mode is like Normal Mode with +20% of monsters, +40% of monster hit points and 2 additional waves. Your wizard must to have level 24.
  • Swarm Mode is like Normal Mode with +60% of monsters. Your wizard must to have level 32.
  • Time Mode you must kill all monsters before time runs out. Your wizard must to have level 40.
  • Bleeding Edge Mode is like Normal Mode with +60% of monsters, +80% of monster hit points and 4 additional waves. Your wizard must to have level 48.
  • Carapace Mode is like Normal Mode with +100% of monsters, improved monsters armor, reduced speed and 6 additional waves. Your wizard must to have level 56.
  • Arcane Mode is like Normal Mode with +80% of monsters, +100% of monster hit points and 8 additional waves. After finishing last wave you must kill Arcane Guardian. Your wizard must to have level 64.
  • Beyond Corruption Mode is like Normal Mode with +100% of monsters, +150% of monster hit points and 10 additional waves. You have at start 6 gems of grade 5. Your must finish the final map.

There are also secret maps in the game and they are visible only after fulfilling some conditions.

While playing the map you can :

  • Gem Bomb has more possibilities:
    1. You can attack enemies straight with gems.
    2. You can also use it on the small buildings and you can possibly find the lost amulet on the map.
    3. You can bomb infested building except main monsters building.
    4. You can also bomb blockers. They prevent you to build towers or traps in the game.
    5. You can bomb wave progress bar to increase number of incoming monsters in the selected wave.
    6. You can bomb 3 gems in the row with the same grade to change their colors on the gem bomb color.
  • Mana Pool increases mana.
  • Build Tower you can buy and place towers on the strategic positions in the map.
  • Create Trap you can build traps on the monsters path.
  • Create Gem, you can choose grade of the gem to create. They can be used for:
    1. You can place them into towers.
    2. You can place them in the traps.
    3. You can use them like gem bombs.
    4. You can combine them to create higher grade gems with improved features.
    5. You can insert them in the shrines to do some special actions.
  • Combine Gems create higher grade gems with combining existing ones. Gems also extends features from their ancestors.

To use these possibilities you must have enough mana. Mana you gain from killing enemies.

After finishing map you earn experience points. When you earn enough points your wizard will be upgraded to the next level. And he also earn some skill points. They they can be used for buying some new or improve existing skills. Each skill has 10 levels. You can buy these general skills:

  • Enhanced Pool more maximum mana in the pool at beginning of the map.
  • Focus more mana in the pool at beginning of the map.
  • Flexible Pool decreases mana spell costs.
  • Tower Builder decreases towers build costs.
  • Trap Player decreases traps build costs.
  • Trap Specials more powerful features for the gems placed into the traps.
  • Armor decreases banishment points for monsters reaching your wizard tower.
  • Readiness decreases time of the gems deployment.
  • Replenish increases mana score per kill.
  • Forge decreases gem crating and combining costs.
  • Violent Explosions increases gem bombs damage.
  • Stunning Explosions increases possibility to shock monsters with gem bombs.
  • Piercing Explosions increases number of monsters damaged by gem bombs.
  • Dual Gem mastery increases damage for two components gems.
  • Pure Gem mastery increases damage for the pure gems.
  • Prismatic Gem mastery increases damage for 8 basic components gems.
  • Resonance increases damage for all gems.
  • Recharge increases firing speed for all gems.
  • Turbulence increases maximum damage for all gems.

You can also buy these skills to improve specific color gems:

  • Critical Hit Mastery improves yellow gems.
  • Mana Gain Mastery improves orange gems.
  • Bouncing Mastery improves lime gems.
  • Shocking Mastery improves cyan gems.
  • Slowing Mastery improves blue gems.
  • Poison Mastery improves green gems.
  • Armor Piercing Mastery improves purple gems.
  • Splash Mastery improves red gems.

It is clever to improve such skills, they are usable for the next map. When you know which colors of the gems you can buy in the next map, you can improve these gems with help of skills. Your earned skill points you can reorganize before the each map and play mode.

GemCraft Chapter Zero has a very nice graphics and good sound effects. The game engine is an excellent. It has many key shortcuts. Knowing them you can play game more effectively. It is very complex game with so many possibilities, but all controls in the game are clear. It has many maps, with 10 play modes and to finish this game took weeks or months. You can also earn and find lost amulets in the game.

GemCraft Chapter Zero is very complex and addictive tower defense game. It is but very well designed, and it has an excellent playability. I can only recommend this game to all players.

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