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Tower Defense Game
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Geheee is tower defense game. Game without adjectives. Author Geheee made that looks like computer games from times of Atari and Spectrum.

Evil army is approaching the city of Geheee. Your task is to stop them, before they reach the city. This text is copied from game help. Evil is going in 15 waves and you have only 10 lives to resist enemies attack. To stop evil, you can build 3 types of towers:

  • Basic Tower will hit enemies
  • Chrono Tower will slow enemies
  • Ion Tower will break enemies shield

Not less, not more. All towers can be upgraded or demolished. You can only place towers on selected places. To place tower, you must choose point on map, where you want to place tower and then choose tower. Graphics of this game is very simple. Also background music is from times, when PC doesn't exist. Game is playable, but it is very slow. Mot people doesn't like this game. It was one from the first online tower defense games, I have ever played. I liked this game. But now I know a lot of better games. But this game showed me, what are tower defense games about.

Geheee tower defense is very simple game. It is slow, and it reminds me games from 8-bit computers.

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