Garden Inventor

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Dede Games

Garden Inventor is an excellent tower defense game from Dede Games. It is very playable and very well designed.

In Garden Inventor you must stop pests with help of defense gadgets. You can buy these defense gadgets:

  • Spitting Rose is basic weapon. It is suitable against all pets. It has very good range and low damage.
  • Nopal has very good speed and it is very good weapon against all pets, especially after upgrades.
  • Fountain can slow ground pets by sprinkling water.
  • Laser Gnome shoots laser bean on ground pets.
  • Net Gnome throws poisoned nets on air pests.
  • Rocket Gnome is slow, but very strong weapon suitable against all pests. It fires rockets and has splash damage.

All gadgets can be upgraded 5 times, or they can be sold. Nice feature of game is group selection for gadgets.

The game engine is very well designed with clear controls. The game is fast and sound effects and background music in the game are good. Creator gives this game a lot of effort. The game starts by selecting scenario. You can choose from 20 scenarios from 5 different locations. Each scenario has new map and you start with basic money. Money you can earn from killing pests or from pushing Next Wave button before timer for next wave resets. It is good to be fast in first waves, because you can earn very necessary extra money.

Garden Inventor has an excellent playability. I can promise you, that you won't be bored in this game. It is suitable for all players, and you will spend a lot of fun time with this game.

Garden Inventor is very good tower defense game with unique idea and excellent design.

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