Galactic Conquest

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Eric Smith

Galactic Conquest is tower defense game from Eric Smith. In this game, you are not defender. In this game you are conqueror. It is a copy of Flash Empires game.

After landing on planets, you can build towers, place troops and traps. You can choose from these towers:

  • Shot Tower is the cheapest one, with low damage, average life, but very fast. It is very usable, and it helps me a lot to win in this game.
  • Bomb Tower has excellent damage, but is very slow and has weak life.
  • Spark Tower has good damage, average life and speed.
  • Smudge Tower has very low damage and speed, but it has very good life. It slows down enemies
  • Classic Tower has average damage and speed and very good life.

You can buy also these troops:

  • Sword Master is the cheapest one, with average damage and life.
  • Laser Zorg has good damage, average speed, but low life. It has also very good range.
  • Beast has an excellent damage and life, but it is very slow.
  • Saberman has average damage, speed and life.
  • Dragon Rider has very good damage and life, but it is slow.
  • Mega Mouth Blaster has an excellent damage but low speed and life. It has also improved range.

You can buy these traps:

  • Poison Trap slowly reduces life of touched enemies.
  • Freeze Trap slows down enemies.
  • Barrier blocks way.
  • Bomb kill enemy who touches it.

All things above you can place on the map with system drag and drop. You can also buy things in shop, that will upgrade your troops. Towers can be upgraded 5 times after selecting them. All towers and troops can be destroyed by enemies. Game itself is very easy. It has a simple graphics and sounds. Also game engine need some improvements. Game contains errors. I don't know how, but from some time my money turned to NaN value and I was able to buy everything. All troops that I bought in this planet, were transfered to next planet. They could attack enemies, but they were invisible for them. Good strategy for game is use only Shot Towers, and build them as much as possible. Later I upgraded existing towers in rear positions.

Galactic Conquest is not very good game. It contains some errors, and it is also very easy.

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