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Tower Defense Game
Game Developer:

FrontLine is simple, but nice tower defense game. creates game similar to Desktop Tower Defense.

FrontLine is standard tower defense game. You will not find here quantum possibilities and controls. You have 6 weapons (towers) available. Each weapon has 3 features: range, damage, and speed. All features can be upgraded. In the status line you see all necessary stats about game. Above status line, you can choose weapons. In the middle you see basic actions buttons. On right side you see slider with next waves types. Game has 3 difficulty levels. Easy level is very easy, and you will finish it with high probability on first attempt. For next levels it is possible to use maze strategy. Game has good playability, and it is without mistakes. It is not the best tower defense game, I have ever played, but I am sure it is good enough to spend some time to play this game. Page of author is under reconstruction now, and I use link on game from third party side.

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