Fratboy Girlfriend Defense

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Tower Defense Game
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Fratboy TD is simple, but nice online game. creates tower defense game with humor and interesting storyline.

You are lover and you must defend castle of your girlfriend from other men. How to do it? This is tower defense game and you have 6 weapons for defending it. Each weapon has 4 upgrades. Archery tower is the cheapest one and has low damage with good speed. Cannon tower is good against armored units. Magic tower has a very good damage, but it is suitable only for lands units. Air tower is very fast and it is suitable only for air attacks. Trap tower is special tower that stops enemy for short time. Last and the most expensive is Pillbox. This tower is very fast and it is suitable for air and land units. Playability of game is very good. Game is from level to level more difficult. Fratboy TD has 45 basic levels, and after finishing basic levels it is possible to continue in survival mode. Experienced tower defense game player will finish this game in hour. For others there is a good strategy start with some archery towers and cannon towers. Later it is good to upgrade them. When you can earn enough money from selling of archery towers, do it and buy pillbox. Upgraded cannon towers and pillbox towers make strong defense for all units.

Fratboy TD is good game especially for beginners, but also experienced players will be happy while play this game.

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