Flash Empires 2

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Eric Smith

Flash Empires 2 is next version of strategy game Flash Empires. Creator Eric Smith improved previous version and add some new features.

From beginning I thought that that this game is much more worse than previous version. Why? Because I can't find troops and upgrade menu in game. And without them this game changes to simple tower defense game. But fortunately, after seeing small tutorial in game, I found out, where to find these menus. Basic idea of game is the same, like in previous version. Only background for this game is changed. You must defend Santa's workshop by using your army of elves to stop Santa's evil brother's minions! At start you can choose from 3 difficulties. You can also like in previous version buy troops, or build defense towers. All units including castle can be upgraded and improved. Everything what you can buy you will find in menus on left side. You can switch between them with help of button on bottom.
You can buy now from these troops:

  • Rudolph is elf with spear on Rudolph
  • Toy Elf is the cheapest one and very weak elf.
  • Bow Elf is elf with bow.
  • Guard Elf has minimum training for combat situations.
  • Ginger Bread Man is very strong home made treat.
  • Santa is the best defender in game.

You can buy these towers from towers menu:

  • Candy Cane Tower shoots candy canes at enemies.
  • Ginger Bread Tower shoots ginger bread men at enemies.
  • Present Bomb Tower shoots presents with bombs inside.
  • Tree Tower strong tower shoots ornaments at enemies.
  • Ice Canes Tower slows enemies with frozen candy canes.
  • Uber Tower is the strongest tower with excellent fire rate and damage.

You can also buy next upgrades from Misc. menu:

  • Ice Canes slows enemies with frozen canes from North Pole workshop.
  • Bomb Box shoots enemies box with bombs at enemies from North Pole workshop.
  • Poison kill slowly enemies with poison on field.
  • Pole Damage increases damage of North Pole workshop.
  • Castle Health increases health of North Pole workshop.
  • Tower Range increases range of existing towers.

New feature is possibility of upgrade for selected tower. You can upgrade it's damage and rate. For upgrading range you must buy upgrade from Misc. menu. this game joins tower defense features with strategy games, and it is possible to play this game in tower defense style. Strategy for this game is similar like for previous version. For me was this game more difficult than previous version, but still very funny.

Flash Empires 2 is simple strategy and tower defense game. It has more features than previous version. It needs to make clear game controls, but it is still very playable game.

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