Flash Empires

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Eric Smith

Flash Empires is strategy game in style Defend Your Castle with tower defense features. Creator Eric Smith creates simple but good game.

This game is combination of strategy game with tower defense games. You have to protect your castle from invaders. To do this, you can buy troops, or build defense towers. All units including castle can be upgraded and improved. At start you can choose from 3 difficulties. You can buy these troops, from troops menu after clicking on right building:

  • Calvery is soldier on horse with spear
  • Soldier is simple soldier armed with dagger
  • Spear man is soldier armed with heavy spear
  • Uber-man is 2D figure that slaughter everyone on his way.
  • Chuck Lee Tower is man and tower combination. It is soldier with the highest damage in game. You can buy him in towers menu.

You can buy these towers from towers menu, after clicking on castle:

  • Red Tower is the cheapest tower in game.
  • Green Tower is average tower with fire shots.
  • Black Tower has very good damage and can shoot uber-man.

Game has specific system of upgrades. Upgrades are done for all towers or units at once. You can do it from menu, available after clicking on left building. You can buy upgrades for troops, castle or for towers. With help of upgrades you can improve damage, range and rate of of your units. It is possible to play this game in tower defense style. You can buy only towers and upgrade them. It is good strategy to place towers around invader's way. In this case invaders are not attacking your towers. They are going straight on your castle while towers are attacking them. You can also shoot enemies from castle by left mouse button clicking. Game has problem with speed and after upgrading rate on higher levels.

Flash Empires is simple strategy and tower defense game. Nothing special, but game is well playable.

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