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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Phantasmagoric Entertainment

Flashcraft is older tower defense game. Creator of this game made good tower defense game in style of Warcraft game.

Game has some good features, but also some mistakes. I like system of upgrades in this game. You can upgrade all towers in game, but also speed of upgrades, armor of all towers, possibility to buy penetrating armor of enemies. To buy better towers you need to buy higher tech level. Big mistake of this game is bad balance between levels. Game has a difficult start, but in higher levels it is sometimes easy and boring. Next mistake is short time before next wave. You must be very fast after level starting. I don't like also system of moving on the map.
In game you can build these towers:

  • Arrow Tower is the cheapest one, with small range and damage. Tower is useful only from start, when you have less money.
  • Fire Tower is better tower with good range and damage, but it is slower. You need tech level 2 to buy it.
  • Ice Tower is very necessary tower because it slows enemies. It is good to use this tower before other towers on map. You need tech level 2 to buy it.
  • Light Tower is very good tower with good damage. You need tech level 3 to buy it.
  • Ultra Tower is the best tower in game. You need tech level 4 to buy it.

Strategy for this game is simple. Build some Ice towers and then Light or Ultra towers after them. Worse towers sell before they are destroyed and on their place buy better towers with higher tech level. You have limit 15 towers to buy. Upgrade towers, and everything in game as soon as possible. I won game in easy mode on third attempt but with big effort from start of game. Experienced players can beat easy mode on first attempt.

Flashcraft is not bad game. This tower defense game has not good game engine, but I am sure that you will spend funny time with this game.

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