The Fifth Force

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Tower Defense Game
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The Fifth Force is simple 10 maps tower defense online game from WindMind. This game has a little bit original concept of improving possibilities from map to map.

Standard tower defense game and you have 4 basic towers:
Fire tower, Earth tower, Air tower, and Water tower.
All have some advantages and disadvantages. Some have a good damage, some better range and some better speed. Before each level it is important to think good tactics. All towers can be upgraded more times. Maps have from 1 to 11 levels. This not too much. For each map you some initial money. When you finish map, money from previous map are transformed to experience points, and you can buy for them some improvements (talents) for your towers or new type of towers. Graphics of The Fifth Force is poor, nut it doesn't mean. It is easy game, but it also possible to play this game with effort to earn how much points how it is possible. Then you must very carefully choose your money. Best players can submit their score on high score list.

The Fifth Force is not bad game, but it is very easy.

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