Epic Tower Defense

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Ion Frisby

Epic is 3D tower defense game created for Ion Frisby programmed on Shockwave platform.

In Epic you can play more scenarios. And in each scenario you can choose from more difficulties. That means that you can choose from standard game, maze game, grid game for example. You can buy from these towers:

  • Arrow Tower is basic tower with low damage and good speed.
  • Fire Tower is an average tower with good splash damage.
  • Ice Tower has low range and damage, but it slows enemies.
  • Lightning Tower is strong tower with low range and good damage.
  • Radiation Tower has an excellent damage. It attacks enemies with radioactive waste, what make them toxic for another enemies.
  • Wall is usable in maze scenarios.

You can upgrade all towers 5 times. You can also buy spells like Teleport, Fog, Bait, Weakness. Incoming waves you can see on slider on top of game window. Game has good playability. Game engine is standard, graphics is average with annoying background music.

Epic is an average 3D tower defense game with many modes.

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