Elemental TD

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
El Presidente

Elemental Turret Defence is nice tower defense game. El Presidente created game, where is most important thing to have enough power.

Aim of this game is to protect secret documents from stealing. Your enemies are aliens that recently found your base. To do this, you can use turrets bellow:

  • Earth Turret has very low damage, high range and fast reload
  • Ice Turret has very low damage but it slows enemies
  • Rock Turret has very high damage but slow reload
  • Fire Turret average damage, average range and average reload

You must protect 7 documents. When you lost them game is over. Game has a simple graphics. But it has a good playability. Main difference from other tower defense games is need to watch your energy power. To have enough power you have to charge your generator by fast tapping left and right arrow keys. There is also possible to upgrade turrets, but do that, is not standard you must press m key and click on turret. You will open menu for turret where you can upgrade it, or sell it. You can also add drone to turret, or stop it from firing to save energy. Why author didn't use standard, click on turret, I don't know. In higher levels you can also buy better turrets and facilities from second page:

  • Gold Extractor allows you earn some money from gold mining
  • Power Crammer generate power
  • Power Regulator allows better generate power
  • Laser Eruptor is advanced turret with laser beam

Elemental TD is average tower defense game. I don't like this game so much, but I know that some players like it.

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