Easter Island TD

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Tower Defense Game
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Easter Island TD is very nice tower defense from FreeWorldGroup.com. You are defending Easter Island with help of stone heads.

Easter Island TD is standard tower defense game with standard target. Protect your map from invading enemies. You can buy these weapons in the game:

  • Normal Head is the basic weapon against land units.
  • Moving Head is good weapon against both type of units. After upgrading it is able to move.
  • Splash Damage Head is a good weapon against land units. It has splash damage.
  • Slowing Head is attacking and slowing land and air units. It is very usable for higher levels, to slow fast enemies.
  • Anti-Air Head attacks only air units with splash damage.
  • Laser Head is the best weapon in the game. It can attack both land and air units, with good damage and it has also good range and speed. It is impossible to finish the game without this weapon.
  • Volcano is not weapon, but it can help you in case of emergency. It kill all enemies at the map with erupting volcano.

You can upgrade all heads 5 times. Or you can sold them for lower price.

Easter Island TD has very good designed game engine. You can choose from 3 difficulties. Each difficulty has its own map. The game has background music, but it is possible to stop it. The game engine also contains next waves info stripe.

Easter Island TD is nice tower defense game with very good playability. It is a little bit easy, but I am sure that you will spend nice time with this game.

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