Dragon Slayer Tower Defence

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Tower Defense Game
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Dragon Slayer Tower Defence is simple game. It is dragon themed tower defense game.

All enemies in this in the game Dragon Slayer Tower Defence are dragons. You can build these towers to protect your homeland from dragons:

  • Snipper Turret is the cheapest weapon in the game
  • Poison Tower poisons slows enemies
  • Missile Unit can attack with fast missiles
  • Cannon Tower is very strong weapon
  • Laser Tower is the best weapon in the game. It attacks with laser to multiple targets

At beginning of the game you have only first two weapons. Better weapons are unlocked during the game. The game has a standard graphics. Sounds are also in standard quality. The game has a standard game engine. I have a little problem to find how many lives I have. It is on left top side as slide. Game has a poor playability. 60 waves for a map with slow speed is not a good idea.

Dragon Slayer Tower Defence game medium game. I can recommend this game for tower defense game fans, but it didn't impressed me so much.

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