Doyu Defense

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Tower Defense Game
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Doyu Defense is simple tower defense game from It is not very good attempt to create game on style Desktop Tower Defense.

Doyu Defense is standard maze tower defense game. You must kill enemies before they reach end of map. Enemies are going from 2 sides, from top and right side and they are going to opposite side. There are 2 strategies for this game. First is start from enters and create maze or second is build defense from middle of map and continue to sides. I prefer first one, and there is also good idea to join 2 ways of enemies into one way through maze. This strategy has advantage, that you build towers for both directions at once from place of join. Let's return to game. There are 2 basic groups of enemies in game, ground and air. Air enemies ignore your maze and fly in straight direction to their exists. Fortunately, there is more ground waves in game. You can build these towers (defenders) in game:

  • Normal Defender is basic defender with moderate power and speed.
  • Fast Defender is fast shot defender.
  • Power Defender slow defender with very good damage.
  • Slow Down Defender creates field around him, and slow down enemies in this field.
  • Sky Defender attacks only air enemies, flyers.

All defenders can be sold or upgraded 5 times. Easy level you can successfully finish only with Normal Defenders. Difference between easy and higher levels is: in easy level are enemies going only from one direction at once, in higher levels they are going from 2 directions. It looks like this game is only in development. Now is game game engine very simple, with weak graphics and sound effects. Playability of game is not bad, but easy level is very easy. There is no feature that improve Desktop Tower Defense game. Game has good designed website and I hope, that game will be better in future. Now I don't see one reason to lost time with this game.

Doyu Defense game is simple tower defense game, clone of Desktop Tower Defense, with maze strategy. It is not very good game. It has some potention to be a good game in future, but now it is a poor game.

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