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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Kuma Games

Dinohunters is simple tower defense game from Kuma Games. It is attempt to make tower defense game with dino background idea.

In Dinohunters you had teleported 20 dino's eggs from another world. Now you protect your vehicle from attacking enemies. They are varying from dinos to army vehicles to flying saucers. To protect yourself you can buy these weapons:

  • Pitching Turret is the cheapest weapon, with low damage.
  • Laser Turret is better tower with low damage, but good rate.
  • Rocket Turret is weapon with good damage but low rate.
  • Beer Hornets attacks and slows standard enemies, not planes and vehicles.
  • Teleporter is special weapon. It teleports enemies to death trap. Unfortunately it functions only for limited time.
  • Gravity Generator is very powerfull weapon and it slows enemies.

All weapons can be upgraded more times and sold. You can also earn experience points and you can use them for buying special spells:

  • Temporal Anomaly can freeze and improves damage of weapon for limited time.
  • Emergency Sponsors gives you 500 credits for buying better weapons.
  • Pteranadon Strike call air attacks that will kill all enemies at the field.

For me was only usable second spell. More credits are usable in each time.

Dinohunters has standard game engine, with standard controls. It has a little bit problem with placing of new weapons near existing ones. It will always switch you to upgrade mode for older weapons. The graphics of the game is an average and sound effects are poor. Bigger problem is, that playability of this game is not very good.

Dinohunters is average tower defense game. It has no sauce. I didn't find good feature of this game.

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