Destroy the Toy

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Tower Defense Game
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Destroy the Toy is simple tower defense game. as creator of this game make game that is playable, but that have problem with speed of game in higher levels.

Destroy the Toy game is a standard tower defense game. Your enemies are toys and you must destroy them before they reach end of way through your field. To destroy them you can build towers. You can built 5 types of weapons:

  • Basic tower is cheap and good for ground and air enemies.
  • Boulder tower, is tower with high damage, but it is suitable only for ground enemies.
  • Dart tower is good for air units, because has wide range and good speed, but lower damage.
  • Slush tower can slow enemies, but is is destroyed after 50 shots. It is absolutely unnecessary in this game.
  • Mine is weapon of last aid. It can kill enemy, when other towers doesn't do it. I have never used this weapon.

Towers can be upgraded many times. It is not possible to sell existing towers. Playability of this game is not bad from start, difficulties for levels are good adjusted for first 30 levels maybe. Later is game so boring and when you have fully upgraded towers, all is only question of time, because game start to be very slow. Next problem of this game is, that I didn't find info about actual wave. You will only see this info when you fail. But when you have fully upgraded towers, it looks like this game never ends.

Destroy the Toy is weak tower defense game. It is playable only in first levels, later is very easy, boring and so slow. If you want try this game.

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