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Tower Defense Game
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Are your bored? Imagine, that your desktop change to war field, and you must guard your position with using defense towers among enemies going from sides of your desktop. This is the main idea of this online game developed by

Desktop TD has nice graphics. It is also nice idea for tower defense game. There are 9 different towers to choose from, each with different abilities. Towers can be improved by buying upgrades. Each level, or 'wave', contains 20 creeps (10 on easy) and they arrive every 25 or so seconds. They cannot be stopped. Your only defense is to purchase Towers to attack them. Some waves have special abilities like FAST or FLYING. Also, after every 8th wave is a BOSS wave that is especially hard to kill. All this features make this game addicting. And I can give you very good tip at the end. Read carefully instructions for this game, especially how to create maze to gain longer track for enemies, and more time for killing them all.

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