Defend Your Kingdom

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Blue Koala Productions

Defend Your Kingdom is simple tower defense game from Blue Koala Productions. You must buy elements to improve your towers in game.

Defend Your Kingdom has only one plain tower type and mines. Also upgrades in this game are very specific. To upgrade existing tower you must buy new one, and place this tower on existing. Before each wave you can see type of enemies in next wave. Each type of enemies are resistant for specific elements. Simply, air enemies are resistant to air elements. After buying elements you can place them on existing towers. You can repeat it more times. To kill enemies during game you must aim with help of mouse in this game. In older version of this game was also auto aim option, but now you must aim manually only. Game has very simple graphics and average background music. Game engine is not very standard, but after reading instructions for game, there is not problem with using it. Strategy for this game is simple: upgrade your tower as much as it is possible, and buy right elements for next waves enemies.

Defend Your Kingdom is simple tower defense game with specific system of upgrades. It is a good game especially for beginners. But also advanced players can find some fun in this game.

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