Defender TD

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Tower Defense Game
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Defender Tower Defence next from tower defense games with new try to make game in Fantasy style with magicians and heroes.

Defender TD is a combination between tower defense game and adventure game. Towers are replaced with heroes and magicians. Defenders have can be upgraded only after gaining some experience and are colored with red profile. For upgrade you need some gold. Upgrades can be general or special. Special updates increase special attack power. After more upgrades defender also gains speed upgrade and range upgrade. Defenders can be built only on dedicated areas. If you have not enough free places, it is possible to clear new places. Adventure style of game is also in set of available maps. For each map it is necessary different tactics. Monsters in game have really good difficulty for each level. Game contains also map editor, where you can create own maps and share them with other players. Support page for game contains a good description how to use map editor tool. Nice game, with nice design and with original new idea for online tower defense games and I only recommend this game to all players.

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