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Tower Defense Game
Game Developer:

Defender game is game developed by Standard tower defence game with serious difficulty.

Here is description from author:
Monster are preparing to attack your city. Your objective is to defend the city at all costs by building defense towers to attack the monster.Place the towers strategically to inflict maximum damage to your foes.

There are several type of towers:

  1. Fire : Good damage with medium range. Attacks both air and land units.
  2. Wind : Less damage with good range. Can slow a single enemy.Attacks both land and air units
  3. Lightning : Very good damage and good range. Attacks air units only
  4. Ice : Little damage with a short range. Will slow your enemies.
  5. Earth : Good damage with a small range. Attacks land units only
  6. Ultimate : Excellent damage with a very large range

All towers can be upgraded.

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