Crop Circles 2

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Glow Monkey

Crop Circles 2 is here. New version of tower defense game Crop Circles from Glow Monkey arrived. It contains some new weapons and features.

In Crop Circles 2 is 1 big difference from previous version. Aliens contains acid blood, and your weapons can be damaged after hit. You can also buy new types of weapons to stop attacking aliens. Now you can choose from these weapons:

  • Jeep with Machine Gun is simple weapon with good rate, but very cheap. After upgrades it can be powerful.
  • Tank has a good damage and average range, but it is not very fast weapon.
  • Electric Shock has a good damage but small range.
  • Rocket Launcher is weapon wit very good range, average speed and good damage.
  • Flame Thrower can attack on mere enemies at once with fire. It has a splash damage, but very low range.
  • Ragging Bull is special weapon. Farmers free bull and he will attack all enemies an his path, until he died.
  • Landmines can be placed on path. It is good weapon at the end of the path, when aliens break all defense. After explosion they dismiss.
  • Stealth Bomber kills all enemies on the map in case of emergency. But it is very expensive.

For standard weapons there is still possibility to upgrade they basic features: Damage, Range and Rate more times. There is new possibility to repair damaged weapons.

Crop Circles 2 has the same standard game engine like in previous version. In the background there is playing classical music. You can choose from more weapons and repair damaged weapons. Playability of this game is improved, but you must check and repair damaged weapons during the game. You can choose from 4 difficulties.

Crop Circles 2 is an average tower defense game. It has good idea to moving paths points to edit you map at the beginning of the game. It has also improved playability from previous version.

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