Create your Own Tower Defense

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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Fun Flow Studios

Create your Own Tower Defense is not guide how to make tower defense games. It is simple tower defense game from Luke Reed, where you create your own game.

Create your Own Tower Defense is standard simple tower defense game. But before you start to play, you must create your game.

  1. The game contains simple map editor. You can add tiles on the map using drag&drop system. With this system you can create background of the map.
  2. Now create path for the enemies. At first you choose number of waypoints where enemies change their direction. At next with help of your mouse, you can move these points.
  3. Now it is time to create towers. You can choose from more weapon images for weapon and background. Then you must define physical features of the weapon. You can choose from these weapon types: Arrows Tower, Bombs Tower, Fire Tower, Ice Tower, Acid Tower, Water Tower and Wind Tower. For selected weapon you can define features like Range, Speed, and Damage. And of course, its price.
  4. In the game you can define 20 types of enemies. For each enemy you define its sprite and features.
  5. To define waves of the game, you must add your defined enemies for each wave, together with basic parameters.
  6. At last you define main options for the game, like money and lives.
  7. You can also choose background music for the game.

After creating your game you can try play it. If you are satisfied with your game, you can upload it to the server for other players. Or you can play existing games created by other players. The game has very simple game engine, with your defined graphics and features. You can buy towers, upgrade them many times or sell them. The game has average playability. Sound effects are very poor.

Create your Own Tower Defense is simple tower defense game. It has unique idea of creating your own game. In this case, I don't give points the game itself, because player itself is creator of the game.

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