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Game Category: 
Tower Defense Game
Game Developer: 
Crio and Sohei

Corovan is specific tower defense game. In this game you can build towers only before level starts, and then you can buy only bonuses. Creators of this game Crio and Sohei created good and simple tower defense game.

Forget on all tower defense standards. Try something new. You must defend yourself in 3 different worlds. You can do it with help of towers. You have only 1 type of tower, and you can build it, only before level starts. It is very fast game. After starting level you can only buy bonuses. That last only for some time, and later you must buy them each time, they finished. You can buy for selected tower Berserk mode. In this mode selected tower shots 4 times faster. You can also buy Snipper mode. In this mode you can aim with your mouse on selected enemies. You can also attack on specific enemy, locking them after clicking on it. Next updates are better weapons, for towers. But you must save enough money, to continue in next level. This game has only 3 maps, and after finishing them, they repeat with higher difficulty. Game has nice graphics and good game engine.

Corovan is very simple and specific tower defense game. It is fast game for free time for shorter breaks in work and etc.

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