The Coffee Party

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Tower Defense Game
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The Coffee Party is very specific simple tower defense game from

The Coffee Party is not standard tower defense game. In this game you don't have to kill enemies. In this game you must help your friend. He is preparing party, but his guests are so slow. You must help them to be fresh and fast, while they are going to party. That all with help of coffee. You have time limit to reach party with all guests. To give coffee to guests you can buy coffee trees, or coffee machine. When you give this equipment near of track it serves coffee to guests. All equipment can be upgraded in many ways. From time to time you must also clear screen from unordered things. You lost game, when some of your guests didn't reach party in time limit.

The game engine is very simple in style of tower defense games. The game has simple graphics and annoying music. Also small mini games for cleaning screen, are very bad idea.

The Coffee Party is very poor tower defense game.

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