Chute Defence

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Tower Defense Game
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Chute Defence is an excellent tower defense game. Main target of this game is to protect your space base from invaders. Creator of this game Mr.Maestro creates nice game for

Chute Defence is tower defense game with new idea. You are defender of space Space station Xorbe on Earth's orbit. And you are invaded by aliens. You must defend your station, otherwise aliens attack Earth itself. To do this you have an excellent variety of weapons. At first you must protect your station from air. Enemies are approaching from air, and when they reach station they will establish base fields for their towers. On base fields they can build their ground towers. When they capture too much from your space station, you will lost game. You can build these towers:

  • Assault Towers are suitable for air attacks and have low range.
  • Mazer Towers are suitable for air attacks and have higher range and damage.
  • Basic Ground Towers are suitable for ground attacks and have low range and damage.
  • Long Range Ground Tower is very good for destroying enemies towers and has very good range.
  • Mazer Wazer can surround enemies towers.
  • Ground Nuke is tower with excellent damage, but it must to be power up, before it can be used.
  • Time Shifter can slow enemies.
  • De-shielder removes shields from enemies.
  • Ned Med repairs own towers in range.
  • Meaner Cleaner cleans base fields for enemies towers.

As you can see above, you have high variety of weapons. All towers can be upgraded more times and they can also be sold. You can build only limited count of towers on space station. It is important wisely choose, which towers do you build. The best option is to kill enemies, before they reach your space station.
You can play this game in 3 difficulties and you can choose from 6 maps. Game has very good playability. Sometimes you must be very fast, to defend your space station. Game has nice graphics and very good background music. Game engine is designed in 3D view with clear controls. I can only recommend this game for all tower defense game players.

Chute Defence is very excellent tower defense game with excellent idea.

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